Abaza literature for a worldwide reader

In Germany, was publıshed a book “Abaza prose” (Abasinische Prosa), which became the fruit of cooperation between German researcher Steffi Chotiwari-Jünger and Professor, Doctor of Philology Sciences Peter Chekalov. Peter Chekalov translated Abaza texts into Russian and Steffi prepared their German version.

176 pages of the book include 30 short prose works of such known authors as Mikael Chikatuev, Pasha (Petee) Dzugov, Bemurza Thaytsuhov, Rosa Pazova, Valentina Kopsergenova, Fatima Apsova, Moussa (Mejid) Kishmahov, Hadzhismel Adzhibekov, Kali Dzhegutanov, Muhadin Daguzhiev, Shahimbi Physikov. Chekalov Peter, who is better known as a specialist of literature, not as a writer, also has some of his works published in this book. The publication is accompanied by a reference material about Abaza writers and article written by Steffi Chotiwari-Jünger.

Publishing of Abaza prose in German is an event of great significance for Abaza. Indeed, thanks to this book, Abaza literature will be available not only for German, but also for the worldwide reader.

Georgy Konstantinov,
Specially for “Abaza Country”

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