Understanding of the movement beauty

- For the first time I see so many kids in a village, who want to learn dancing! – Magomet Hachukov was very glad to see children wishing to understand the art of dance, but also somewhat puzzled by this fact: he can’t accept them all, but his refusal upset kids greatly. – They left in tears. I am so upset – said the choreographer.

On January 12, in the village of Krasny Vostok dance classes started. Classes are being held in the building of the high school on the initiative of its leadership and with the support of “Alashara.” Magomet Hachukov accepted teaching children national dances, despite the fact that he would always have go to the village from Cherkessk. Choreographer planned to accept 12-16 pairs to create a children’s ensemble. But there were a lot of students of the high school, who only wanted to attend classes. And then there were eight-year school’s students, who heard about the dance school and came to the next class. And they were disappointed.

In the 80s of the last century there was a time when in Krasny Vostok there was a dance ensemble, which was created from the dance classes’ students.  It existed not long and mainly pre-service youth attended it. Neither before nor after, the children of the village had an opportunity to learn dancing. So there are a lot of children, who do not want to lose this opportunity now.

- We need to find something. Children are very upset. I don’t want to lower their spirits. – Magomet Hachukov took a pause to think the situation. In the meantime, it’s time to start training with those who have already been accepted to the classes.

40 children lined up on the stage at 8 rows by 5 people and are waiting for the command of the teacher. He announces the warming up. Novice dancers repeat warming up exercises after their choreographer. Then he shows some basic movements. This is only the third lesson, but now the choreographer wants them not only to make right moves, but also to watch their posture, feel the rhythm and do not forget the line. Some of them do it better, some of them fail.

- It’s no big deal, they will learn, – said Magomet Azamatovich. Out of the corner of his eyes he watches three boys standing in the hall. They are not among the “lucky” ones, who are standing on the stage. But they do not lose hope to be among them. And yet, standing in the hall, they repeat all the movements mad by the more fortunate peers. After inevitable screening they will have a chance to be accepted to the main group.

An hour and a half passed quickly. Later lessons will last longer. In the meantime, the teacher says goodbye to his students, who are a bit tired after school lessons and dance lessons. Children, excited and impressed with dance lessons, left the hall.

Well, what we will do with those children, who were not accepted to the main group? Magomet Azamatovich after some thought proposes to create a second group, which classes will be held two days a week after the classes of the first group. He will teach dancing to the second group. But, if one of these children shows a special talent, it will be possible to transfer him or her to the first group, on the basis of which later will be formed the ensemble. The proposal appears to be optimal in view of opportunities choreographer, business interests and desires of children. So we just need to agree on some organizational issues. And we hope that this can be done.

Georgy Chekalov,
Specially for “Abaza Country”

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